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Release #1 - Episode 1: Troublemaker

28 pages
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1: Episode 1: Troublemaker
388 views • Jun 06, 2021
Ten years after the death of her adopted parents, Aurora Palmer attracts attention as the newest junior at Madison High. She would do anything not to stand out this year, but her mysterious telekinetic abilities make her different than everyone else. When a sudden flare-up of her long-hidden powers exposes her, she is forced to uncover the truth behind her origins, before it’s too late!

StarRunnerComics 1 month ago

This is the first episode of the epic 3-part trilogy that launches the Star Runner Chronicles~


darkness34 2 weeks ago

@StarRunnerComics I really liked the paneling and your use of colors :)

What is that alian lang text actually btw?


Christopher admin 2 weeks ago

Thank you for publishing this @StarRunnerComics!


StarRunnerComics 2 weeks ago

darkness34, thanks for the props. The alien text is a direct translation of the words "Come, find us". Aurora hears it first in the original language, then understands it in English.


StarRunnerComics 2 weeks ago

@Christopher:Thanks, Chris for highlighting the series this week. We'd love to find more ways to connect with readers who love science fiction comics!