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Fighting / Martial Arts Monsters Mythical Psychological Supernatural / Occult Teenagers (13-18)
Adults (18+)
action bigfoot martial arts psychological thriller
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Read BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE  1 Page 3 in English
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Read BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE  1 Page 1 in English
1: BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE Chapter 1: Hunter/Prey
4.1K views • Jun 22, 2022
BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE is a two-fisted slugfest akin to Godzilla Vs. Kong mixed with a healthy dose of martial arts and outright carnage in the vein of Kill Bill as Bigfoot squares off with KUNG FU 'THULHU (that's right. There's a freaking Cthulhu!). Add a solid, meaty twist at the end and get ready to follow a gentle, cryptid warrior as he finds his way in a world where anyone can be a hunter and everyone can be the prey.

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