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Fighting / Martial Arts Robots / Mecha Space / Interdimensional Superhero Supernatural / Occult Teenagers (13-18)
Adults (18+)
action awesoman cartoon cartoony comedy futuristic omnis scifi superhero superpowers toon
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30 pages (FREE)
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4: Awesoman #4
NSFW 1.4K views • Oct 11, 2022
After the showdown with Ameritron, the city is in ruins and Awesoman is nowhere to be found. Olimar Omnis meets with a shadowy cabal planning to coverup the situation, however his daughter has other plans. Tiffany and her cousins deal with the chaos and uncertainty unfolding in the city, and Ameritron attempts to save face and lives by helping with rescue operations. Meanwhile Rebel Rabbit isn't only interested in exposing Omnis, she also wants in on a certain Project High Fructose...
26 pages (FREE)
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3: Awesoman #3
NSFW 948 views • Jul 01, 2022
Awesoman sleepily attempts to reclaim some semblance of normality, disguising himself and returning to his job at Tacohut. Unfortunately, there's no going back to the way things were for our protagonist. The forces seeking Awesoman take drastic measures, and the terrifying militech powerhouse Ameritron is deployed.
25 pages (FREE)
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2: Awesoman #2
NSFW 713 views • Jul 01, 2022
Awesoman's sudden bold appearance has attracted the attention of many parties, he's interrogated by the LAPD, a mysterious agency seeks to contain him, and the Crossbones want revenge. But all Awesoman wants is to go home and try out the new hologame he's been seriously lookin forward to playin, and escape all the madness of his new superhero life.
24 pages (FREE)
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1: Awesoman #1
NSFW 1.6K views • Jul 01, 2022
Content with mediocrity in an increasingly automated society, Guy Everyman's life is forever transformed one day walking home from work. A hero, Awesoman is born, through forces beyond Guy's control, he is now a super powered being, and must adjust to this drastic change in his reality.