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Buy platinum, read more comics.

Platinum pages give you access to paid and premium comics and lets you support your favorite creators with every page you read.

Most Popular

200 platinum

Lets you read:
6-8 full comics
or 200 individual strips/pages
or 2-3 graphic novels

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650 platinum

Lets you read:
15-18 full comics
or 650 individual strips/pages
or 6-8 graphic novels

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1200 platinum

Lets you read:
30-36 full comics
or 1200 individual strips/pages
or 12-16 graphic novels

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Every platinum spent benefits the creator

When you use platinum to read comics, the money goes directly to the creator of those comics. We charge a small fee to keep the platform running but most of it goes to the person.
Frequently Asked Questions
How are the credits used?
What happens if I already paid for a page?
Are all comics paid?
What if I get charged for blank page or something?