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Great Ming Detectives
» Manga » History
Murder Political Political
Ming Dynasty, Chenghua 22 - dueling is strictly forbidden. One of those responsible for upholding this law is Tianyi Chen, head of the League of Seven Provinces. The Iron Hand Clan, responsible for many crimes, must be stopped. Meanwhile, Dongxue Guan, a legendary fighter, is taking the law into his own hands and killing those who he thinks deserve punishment. How will these problems be solved?
Jose Rizal
» Manga » History
Colonial Spain ruled the Philippines for more than 300 years. Jose Rizal was born on the outskirts of Manila during a period when native Filipinos were oppressed, exploited, and stripped of their rights. "What does it mean to be a Filipino?" "Is it possible to incite change through knowledge and not violence?" Read all about this polyglot doctor, novelist, and painter, Jose Rizal in this comic!
Pacified Storm
» Manga » History
Fighting / Martial Arts
Following the declining health of the Emperor, the scent of a Great War comes to shake the Qing dynasty. Will Han Xin, a young and talented military strategist, follow his destiny to become part of the changing times? Pacified Storm is a colossal manga based on the heroic act of the “Three Heroes of the Early Han Dynasty,” which will entertain all historical manga fans.
» Manga » History
Shokudama is set in late Edo, a time when contemporary food culture began to develop. In a city full of merchants and townsmen, Himura Tamanosuke, a freelance guardian handy with a sword, lives frivolously with his two younger siblings. One night, he's visited by the Souls of Food demanding he help them return to Nirvana...