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White Lily
» Graphic Novel » History
Leading Ladies LGBTQ+ Love Military Political
The White Lily® trade paperback tells the historical story of the two deadliest female fighter pilots who ever lived.
Marx: A Tale of Neglect
» Graphic Novel » History
Family / Pets Faith Military Political
Onrie must embark on the difficult task of unraveling his grandfather's dark past before his story is lost forever. MARX is the epic and inspiring story of a Russian Jewish man, born during the rise of the Soviet Union, thrust into war against Nazi Germany and persecuted by his own government. A man who miraculously survived events that claimed the lives of millions.
Yi Soon Shin
» Comic » History
Fighting / Martial Arts Military Political Superhero
This series is based on the true story of Admiral Yi Soon Shin, a Korean naval commander who saved his people from Japanese invasion forces during the Imjin War. Much like the Nazi's during World War II, the Japanese were known for having little remorse for the innocent civilians of Korea. They raped women, enslaved children and killed elders. All that stood against them was one man.