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Geek Girl
Graphic Novel » Action
Fighting / Martial Arts Leading Ladies Monsters Science Superhero
In a desperate fight to save her city from new villain Lightning Storm, Ruby gave her all, and neither were left standing. Now, new-crooks-on-the-block The League of Larcenists look to grow in number and capitalize on the void left by Lightning Storm. And in Ruby's absence, Summer has picked up the glasses and take on the mantle of Geek-Girl.
Graphic Novel » Action
Humor Political
"The great war ended in 1918. Farmers across the Western Front still regularly find unexploded ordnance. "The Cold War ended in 1991. We do not know how many unexploded "bombs" are still out there. "Or who, if anyone, is clearing them away"
CruZader: Agent of the Vatican
Graphic Novel » Action
Supernatural / Occult
A reluctant exorcist is forced into duty as a holy hitman for the Vatican against his will; he must embrace his destiny in the face of an apocalyptic prophecy.