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Poggers and Rhombus
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Family / Pets Friendship Humor
Poggers and Rhombus is a comedy series about a couple of friends and the hijinks they get themselves into. P&R is based on true and grossly exaggerated stories from a group of real life friends.
Vertical Long-Strip Free
Doll Revolution
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Humor Leading Ladies Love Robots / Mecha
On its surface Doll Revolution is a seriocomic look at the lives of sex dolls and the men who own them, but at its heart it is about love, determination & empowerment.
Fiction Faction
» Comic » Comedy
Humor Monsters Psychological Supernatural / Occult
What happens when you mix flat-earth with fast food? A fun mix-and-match of conspiracy theories, urban legends and pop culture. Made in collaboration with “The Obscure Gentlemen”