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Sissonne Sneak Peek!
» Comic » Comedy
Humor Love Superhero
Read the first three pages of the upcoming relaunch of the comedy cape craziness that is Sissonne! Mark may not be the coolest superhero on the block, but he does his best... Until his secret identity gets blown, sending his life into a tailspin. Can Mark pick up the pieces of his once perfect life? Follow Benalee Books right here and on our social media outlets to find out! Kickstarter...
There's an Alien in my Toilet
» Comic » Comedy
Aliens Family / Pets Humor Military Science
Within our universe there is a race of aliens on a quest to conquer Earth. Before they unleash their arsenal on the unsuspecting populous, the Government of Uranus has decided to send their best Warrior to earth to determine if we pose a threat. This lone warrior is the most advanced and highly skilled in his class. What he is ready to explode onto the world will prove to be most devastating or no