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» Comic » Crime
Murder Mythical Organized Crime
What if gods existed in 1980's New York City? What if someone was hunting them?
God Summoner
» Comic » Adventure
Faith Magic Mythical Post-apocalyptic Steam / Cyber punk
God Summoner is filled with images of Gods, Guns, and Inquisitors. The story follows Adelice Belmont, a gifted girl with the powers of a Summoner, and her struggle to return to her family, alive. In her journey, she teams up with the resistance group known as the Infidels and together go on an adventure to bring back the Old Gods and bring down Yram's oppressive religious regime.
Guardians of Elayim
» Comic » Adventure
Magic Mythical Space / Interdimensional Supernatural / Occult
2,000 years ago a motley crew of 8 people from very different walks of life killed a god and broke space/time (the Elayim Tree) threatening all of existence. Now, under threat of eternal damnation from Heaven, these adventurers must travel through the mythological past and into their future to repair the damage before the multiverse unravels!