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Submerged Revolution
» Comic » Action
The story delves into Sarah a girl that wakes up in a strange hotel with no memory of who she is while inside her head her conciousness is made of several hundreds other voices, but through strange means she is trapped inside a game world where she'll try to find a way to escape back home as she encounters the helpless people trapped in it, without knowing if her decisions will be good or bad.
The Village of Lost Memories
» Graphic Novel » Fantasy
Faith LGBTQ+ Magic Psychological
Rebecca has just graduated. She's for the first time in her life confused and tormented and more than ever for her future, especially because of her past that has decided to knock unceasingly on the doors of hes memories which, at night, manifest themselves in a recurring "nightmare" . A man urges her to face that nightmare that really happened, which now more than ever feeds on the vulnerability