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Guitar Phantasy
» Comic » Fantasy
Magic Monsters Music & Theatre Mythical Supernatural / Occult
A classic (rock) story: boy meets guitar; boy fights demons. Guided by the odd little shopkeeper of a second-hand music store, Kev discovers an incredible guitar and uncovers the power of music and the untapped force inside of himself. But when the devourer of all things, a wicked-looking, music-hating demon appears, can Kev play fast enough, hard enough to defeat the demon?
Bad Natures
» Comic » Drama
Fighting / Martial Arts Mythical Political
A dysfunctional group of gods endanger themselves and the world around them when they can't agree on whether or not to build Heaven. Half creation myth, half fable: Bad Natures is both a story about the power of self-agency and perseverance, and a cautionary tale about disinformation and misguided conviction.
Soul Ascendance
» Manga » Action
Fighting / Martial Arts Leading Ladies LGBTQ+ Monsters Supernatural / Occult
Soul Ascendance is a story about the afterlife, where the lost souls that reside in Purgatory must hunt demons and take on other various tasks in order to earn their redemption.
MK's The Strange Mission of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
» Graphic Novel » Fantasy
Humor Love Superhero
This means war.
The Gyro Universe
» Graphic Novel » Sci-Fi
Aliens Political Post-apocalyptic Space / Interdimensional
Set within a grand cosmic plot, The Gyro Universe presents a refreshing take on the invasion thriller. TGU is a science fiction story with a fantasy nature. It is the impossible & the improbable forged together to create a multi-narrative invasion. The family whose home is long gone, the reluctant soldier conflicted about his place in the universe, & the tyrannical chancellor behind it all.
Purple Myth
» Manga » Action
Fighting / Martial Arts Humor Leading Ladies Magic Post-apocalyptic
Purple Myth is a Manga inspired Graphic Novel in the style of your typical Shouen series. Filled with action, comedy, drama. It follows the adventures of Moho Winter, a woman looking to become the Ace Adventurer and find who her parents are. As she sets out on her adventure she is sure to meet many companions and foe alike.
» Comic » Crime
Anthropomorphic Murder Space / Interdimensional
M... Power times deception equals evidence. M- A Mix of emotions mount in a magnificent mystery. Those who seek power, those who wield it and those who threaten to expose the powerful swirl together around a double murder. A Philadelphia detective, has to find a way to vindicate the souls of the innocent as he terrorizes the souls of the guilty. However, it just might just cost him everything.
Legend of the Sword Bearer
» Graphic Novel » Fantasy
Magic Mythical Supernatural / Occult
An ancient evil is unleashed on a modern world. Who will take up the legacy of Arthur?
Dei Ex Machina: Fragility
» Manga » Sci-Fi
Magic Monsters Space / Interdimensional
After being spirited away to another universe, Runie Ortix, a guilt-ridden ex-soldier is still unable to escape the memories of her former life.
Cabeza #1
» Comic » Sci-Fi
Computers / Video games Magic Space / Interdimensional
My First Head. Part 1:
MK's The Strange Cases of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
» Graphic Novel » Fantasy
Humor Monsters Superhero
The second arc of the adaptation of the famous tale. Read it on the main site here There is also a Kickstarter going on right now for the first arc
Love Monster
» Comic » Romance
LGBTQ+ Love Supernatural / Occult
Monsters, Myths and Legends... and they all attend college! What awaits Eli as he starts his first year in this ghoulish school? Nightmares? Torment? Maybe even love...