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Under a Blood-Red Moon
» Comic » Horror
Aliens Leading Ladies Monsters Post-apocalyptic Space / Interdimensional
The Earth has been invaded by a race of aliens whose only interest is finding new slaves for their empire. This creates a problem for some of the other species living here--vampires and werewolves. The more humans they take off planet, the less food they have. Our fate is locked in between these two warring factions whose only desire is to retrieve their food source. Whoever wins, we lose!
Monday's Forecast for Hareyakana-shi
» Comic » Action
Aliens Fighting / Martial Arts Friendship Humor
Hareyakana-shi is a city in Japan known locally as the city of redemption. Wholly unrelated, "Monday's Forecast for Hareyakana-shi" is both a depressing and casually erotic tale of 4 estranged youths and their day-to-day adventures in finding the meaning in life, or whatever comes close. Also, one of them is an absolute alien.
Endless Moons Teaser, Issue #1
» Comic » Sci-Fi
Aliens Friendship Magic Space / Interdimensional
Endless Moons follows the story of Dazel, a young lady who has been running from her past for the last 10 years. She must face her heritage on the planet Velzia, after a man from the smuggler crew she travels with wreaks havoc on a Galactic bazaar.
Cross Star
» Manga » Sci-Fi
Aliens Space / Interdimensional
Needing champion to keep from becoming indebted to the Consortium, Allen was mistakenly chosen by his alien sidekick to fight on behalf their race and to keep earth safe. A current day sci-fi with plenty of action, adventure and trying to juggle two part time jobs to pay tuition.
The Rainy Days
» Comic » Sci-Fi
Aliens Science
In 1945, as Soviets cross the Oder river into Nazi Germany, a new enemy falls from the sky. Fast forward to 1953, the alien invasion grinds to a halt as rumors of a super weapon roam. A new army consisting of an agent, a child engineer, an alien, and a few thousand clones will try... something.