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Cowboy Shark
» Manga » Action
Anthropomorphic Friendship Humor Science Superhero
Kurasu(Krahs) an ordinary shark, was abducted as a child and was separated from his best friend. After a strange experiment, Kurasu has limbs like a human being! Kurasu only armed with knowledge of Shounen manga and his strange powers must find his friend and make sense of the nonsense around him and the one he creates!
Blueprint for the King- The Prototype One Shot
» Manga » Action
Fighting / Martial Arts Military Monsters Political Post-apocalyptic
The story takes place in a world that's far into the future, where the world has rebuilt itself after an apocalypse. In the due process, it brought changes to many races and ethnicities. Some benefitted and some did not. Our protagonist, Kioren has an ambition in his life that relates to the world. Will he be able to achieve it?
Age I- Age of Darkness
» Manga » Fantasy
Fighting / Martial Arts Magic
In an age, where darkness threatens humanity, two brothers, chained by fate, have to overcome their own fears. Follow the adventures of Frederick and Nigel in their quest to defeat the evil and rescue their loved ones.
Rise of the Heroes
» Manga » Action
Fighting / Martial Arts Magic Monsters
After his father became a demon overlord, a young sorcerer is determined to save him. Nevertheless, he's about to undergo a crazy journey he never expected...
Cross Star
» Manga » Sci-Fi
Aliens Space / Interdimensional
Needing champion to keep from becoming indebted to the Consortium, Allen was mistakenly chosen by his alien sidekick to fight on behalf their race and to keep earth safe. A current day sci-fi with plenty of action, adventure and trying to juggle two part time jobs to pay tuition.