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And then the Celling Caved in
» Manga » Romance
After an explosion in her office, Scarlet finds herself trapped in the collapsed building with her short tempered boss Ezekiel. After they share the trauma of being trapped and injured together, they start to fall for each other. However it turns out Ezekiel is wrapped up in something very dangerous. It all started with a collapsed ceiling and now she is dragged into his perilous
Legends Of Lys
» Comic » Fantasy
Fighting / Martial Arts Friendship Magic Monsters Mythical
Story and art by Brandon Gorski
Zero Medal
» Comic » Action
Garra, Sombra, Pintado and Juba were laboratory-created by an alien searching for a perfect being who can manifest the legendary Zero Medal, the ultimate power of the Universe Medals, objects of incredible power found in the center of each planet and star of the cosmos . But Garra fell in love with a human and using the Medal of the Sun he will fight against his own creator to build his own destin
Gravity Matters
» Comic » Sci-Fi
Family / Pets Friendship Humor Leading Ladies Science
The Pill sisters, Amy and Victoria, live on the ruined Earth of the future and use their genius intellects to try and save what's left of the world from disasters. The all-ages sci-fi series from jeff Rider and Sean Dillon.
Vertical Long-Strip Free
Loved By Night
» Manga » Romance
Love Magic
In a world of fantasy, where mystical creatures live, peaceful but ruled and governed by the strongest beings to ever walk the world, the Children of the Universe. And I mean that literally.
Vertical Long-Strip Free
Ancient Royals
» Manga » Horror
Fighting / Martial Arts Magic Monsters Post-apocalyptic Steam / Cyber punk
After the nuclear war that destroyed the foundation of modern society and after the vampire wars for dominion, a new age started where the world mode forward in the direction that nobody ever expected. A vampire lord after ten thousand years of slumber awakens. Old covens are destroyed, new ones are created, but the High Lords are eternal.
» Comic » Thriller
Leading Ladies Psychological Supernatural / Occult
A tale of mystery with a female protagonist.
Super World of Fighters
» Manga » Action
Computers / Video games Fighting / Martial Arts Humor
Crazy Hair Man, a pro-gamer looking for new fighting game players to join his arcade, is not prepared for the events that will ensue. Arcade, Invasion, Tournament Arc!!!
Full Time Job
» Comic » Comedy
A new employee at a local diner is upset at finding out what the dress code is, the boss has his very on why to fix that.
Ghost Child • 祟り神の子供
» Manga » Fantasy
Magic Monsters Mythical Supernatural / Occult
Aros pays the God of the Dead, Amat, to revive Fahle, the woman he loves; even though she never loved him back! However, the price Aros must pay is to help Amat unleash the apocalypse! Meanwhile, Fahle's former student, a small bird named Koko, makes a contract with the one accused of Fahle's murder. Does he have the right criminal? What about that apocalypse?!
The Game Corner
» Comic » Comedy
A girl with a growing debt at a casino is covinced to work to pay them off. But being a worker at this casino may be a bit more than she thought. Invovles bimbofication, hypnosis, and transformation themes.
The Hunt
» Manga » Action
Fighting / Martial Arts
Once upon a time... on the night of the village festival, our heroine Setona, a girl born to a warrior clan, is perplexed to hear of her love Manibe's sudden disappearance. She soon learns that he was chosen as a sacrifice to the mountain god. When she runs to the temple where he was sacrificed and breaks the enchanted mirror that divides the temple and the outside world, she finds herself facing
Ninjas vs. Aliens
» Manga » Sci-Fi
Humor Love School
Life isn't easy for young Orion. The conflict between his powerful home world of Salusia and its long-time enemy, the Zardon forces, is over, but now he has to adjust to... high school on Earth! A pushy-but-affectionate ninja, a haughty Zardon beauty, and a lovely soul-sucking demon are only the start of his troubles! Ben Dunn, the Godfather of American Manga, is ready to school you again!
Gold Digger
» Comic » Action
Humor Medical Murder Supernatural / Occult
For super-scientist Gina Diggers, boy-crazy archeologist adventurer extraordinaire, life is never dull. Accompanied by her mall hopping were-cheetah sister, Britanny, she explores the strange and ancient hidden histories of the world, from Shangri-La, Atlantis, El Dorado to other worlds, dimensions, and the end of time itself. With a huge colorful cast including aliens, master wizards,...
Blueprint for the King- The Prototype One Shot
» Manga » Action
Fighting / Martial Arts Military Monsters Political Post-apocalyptic
The story takes place in a world that's far into the future, where the world has rebuilt itself after an apocalypse. In the due process, it brought changes to many races and ethnicities. Some benefitted and some did not. Our protagonist, Kioren has an ambition in his life that relates to the world. Will he be able to achieve it?
Unknown Horrors
» Comic » Horror
Magic Monsters Murder Supernatural / Occult
Different creepy short stories from beyond knowledge with no beginning or end. Viewer discretion is advised.
Samuel's World: Unleashed!
» Manga » Adventure
Fighting / Martial Arts Friendship Humor Magic Military
the rewritten version of samuels world!
God Summoner
» Comic » Adventure
Faith Magic Mythical Post-apocalyptic Steam / Cyber punk
God Summoner is filled with images of Gods, Guns, and Inquisitors. The story follows Adelice Belmont, a gifted girl with the powers of a Summoner, and her struggle to return to her family, alive. In her journey, she teams up with the resistance group known as the Infidels and together go on an adventure to bring back the Old Gods and bring down Yram's oppressive religious regime.