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» Comic » Sci-Fi
Aliens Magic Science Space / Interdimensional
Super-soldier Terra Harper awakens after 40 years in hypersleep to find the galaxy a changed place.She struggles to determine what her place is in an Empire now at peace.
» Manga » Action
Fighting / Martial Arts Magic Mythical Superhero
Splicer is a multiverse governed by Gods and magic. In the darkest of times a champion has always been chosen. To return balance and protect those without the power to do so. Now the worlds are ruled by those who do not wish for that balance. It’s time for the fourth champion to rise up. It’s time for the fourth age of RAGNAROK....
» Comic » Sci-Fi
Aliens Fighting / Martial Arts Mythical Space / Interdimensional
34-page “manga style” comic book written and illustrated by MoMANoCA about a young hero’s fight against an unstoppable intergalactic destroyer.
The Very Gay Adventures
» Comic » Comedy
Anthropomorphic Humor Leading Ladies LGBTQ+ Love
A daily comic that follows the comedic adventures of two WLW lovers. Tracy, pirate otter is tough on the outside with a soft, nougatey heart. Snickerdoodle is a silly ferret bard who wants to make everyone happy! Each day they have is logged in the upper right. It's a journey of romance, comedy, and growth as they travel their wide world, making friends and enemies along the way!
Space Bitch
» Comic » Comedy
Cyberpunk Fighting / Martial Arts Leading Ladies Post-apocalyptic Space / Interdimensional
Jaded corporate mercenary, Mia Maxim, lives for action and tacos. Mia, along with her co-workers, compete for fame and riches across the lawless wasteland planet of Caleco.
Random fight
» Comic » Action
Fighting / Martial Arts
2 niggas fighting
Time Gate: Reaper
» Comic » Fantasy
Fighting / Martial Arts Magic Mythical
A young man bearing the promise of death on his skin, a sinister government made up of the undead, an infamous scythe murderer who's risen once again from the shadows . . . . . . and the fed-up girl with a hefty score to settle with all of them.
Abnormal Alliance
» Comic » Comedy
Friendship Humor Love Superhero Supernatural / Occult
Deeply flawed beings with superpowers, saving the world for selfish or messed up reasons... What could go wrong? A parody of superhero media from a place of love. Featuring character arcs and a story of love between a clueless guy and a princess from Hell. This comic's got it all, baby!
Vampire Prince
» Manga » Fantasy
LGBTQ+ Love Supernatural / Occult
Vampire hunter gets cursed by a demon and has to search for a cure with help of the infamous Vampire Prince, while at the same time trying to figure out his feelings towards the vampire.
Heavy Kill
» Graphic Novel » Horror
Family / Pets Fighting / Martial Arts Leading Ladies Psychological
Myra has been longing for more than her dull, somewhat tragic life in the quiet forest village of Siro. But the dangers that are starting to emerge aren’t at all what she hoped for. When villagers start getting brutally slaughtered in the night, Myra is forced to come face-to-face with a threat that may kill them all. But can one girl alone stand between Siro and its decimation?
Souls Foreclosed - Unholy Savior
» Comic » Fantasy
Faith LGBTQ+ Political Steampunk Supernatural / Occult
(full chapters uploaded after completion) Oh ROTTEN WORLD in the pains of DEATH, sing one final song for us. Of the DEMONS of LUCIFER and their fight against the VAMPIRE LORDS in their CATHEDRAL HALLS. Of REAH and TABITHA, those unlikely companions, fated for LOVE and TRAGEDY. Of the twists and turns their ROAD to RUIN took. Of ASTOR whose AIM was ever true. Of young JOEY STYX and his...
Staff Pick Free
» Comic » Horror
Anthropomorphic Murder Psychological
What starts as a simple story about a hungry cat that goes to the market for food... may or may not turn into a cautionary tail about false moral equivalencies and the machinations of evil suggestion... or it's just about a hungry cat. Written by: DC Horn Art by: DaC Art Studios