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» Manga » Sci-Fi
Faith Military
The joint forces of Khokhriir and Pelishte have invaded Systemeio, the country said to be the land where the Gods oversee the affairs of the peoples of the world. Pelishte's king, Allaxoun Meyde, has particular interest in the captured Mousaians.
Leader 7
» Comic » Action
Defenders of a desolate landscape on a long forgotten world of the Inter-Galactic Empire fight to survive when too many before them have not.
Burnt Out Comics
» Comic » Fantasy
Humor Magic Supernatural / Occult
Burnt Out Comics is a series about adventure, love, and all that makes us human told in strange and absurd ways. From ice cream Frankenstein, Penguins falling in love with pineapples in space, to Pulp Noir God hunting Storys, it's all here.
Vertical Long-Strip Free
Tears of Order
» Manga » Action
Magic Mythical Supernatural / Occult
The manipulation of magic became extremely advanced, the conflicts for possession of such technology increases exponentially. The worldwide tension progresses with the military forces. Will there be space to peace while the studies of magic continue evolving?
TidalWave Presents
» Graphic Novel » Action
Mythical Superhero
From the creators of 10th Muse, ISIS, and Judo Girl, TidalWave is ready to introduce the next generation of heroes. In the coming months you'll get to know Tom Corbett: Space Cadet, Styx and Stone, Missile to the Moon, Tony & Cleopatra, and Plan 9 from Outer Space. But you can meet them right now in TidalWave's new 32-page sampler. Get a quick taste of some of the industry's up and coming...
» Manga » Adventure
Anthropomorphic Faith Humor Magic
The adventures of a chicken named Camila in her quest to force the world into one crusade. To achive her goals she will count with her best friend, Ricardo the Octopus. She will also count with the help of some people she will force to join her!
Abnormal Alliance
» Comic » Comedy
Humor Robots / Mecha Superhero Supernatural / Occult
Strange times call for strange heroes
Vertical Long-Strip Free
Knights of Geomora
» Comic » Fantasy
Anthropomorphic Family / Pets Fighting / Martial Arts LGBTQ+
After spending years of moving, the Robinsons siblings are uprooted from life in the capitol to the peaceful hometown of their parents. At their arrival, the siblings discover a dark secret from their family's past! With newfound friends and allies, the Robinson clan become the new protectors of their homeland. UPDATES ON TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS
Thomas Coe's Happy Valentines Day
» Comic » Romance
Anthropomorphic Humor Love Robots / Mecha
Following the aftermath of Thomas Coe and Boom's final showdown with Engis, our trusty team find them in a world where Valentine's Day is celebrated by all throughout the year. Thomas and Boom find themselves in a predicament they will not soon forget.
Vertical Long-Strip Free
» Manga » Action
Humor LGBTQ+ Monsters Supernatural / Occult
A roguish youth named Desmonde finds an unlikely opportunity to fulfill his dreams of becoming a great demon hunter. Accidently appointed to the protection of the naïve prince, Claude, it's through their battles to defend the kingdoms from the forces of Hell he will unlock the truth of his origins, his unnatural abilities and the truth behind the The Apocalypse of Eden.
Vertical Long-Strip Free
The Witch
» Graphic Novel » Fantasy
Love Magic Mythical
A timeless Witch travelling to find someone to watch the trees grow with.
Mild Frenzy Collection
» Graphic Novel » Sci-Fi
Aliens Psychological Space / Interdimensional Supernatural / Occult
Biscuit-stealing monsters, vines that stretch to the moon, and terraforming robots -- enter a world closer to our own than you want to admit. Mild Frenzy Collection is a collection of weird short story comics that linger in the mind long after they're read. "With It’s Masterful Art, Mild Frenzy Anthology Volume 1 Revels in its Twilight Zone-esque Tone" - A Place to Hang Your Cape
Argent of the Sky
» Manga » Action
Fighting / Martial Arts Humor Monsters Supernatural / Occult
Due to the almost daily monster attacks happening upon Mutou City, the Guardian System was formed, creating five teams of three for the purpose of defending the city.
World of Raek
» Manga » Fantasy
Fighting / Martial Arts Magic Superhero
During an attack in his province, Inyuga Riyek- a child of two renowned heroes,- experiences the haunting tragedy of failing to save a life. -Losing his dominant hand in the process, and entering a year-long coma. He must relearn to live, but most importantly, he must learn to cope with the trauma of his failure, and adapt to the high-bar expectations of his peers due to his bloodline.
Postman No.9 (One-Shot)
» Manga » Action
Fighting / Martial Arts Monsters Post-apocalyptic Science
The world has changed. Technology is obsolete. Law enforcement is non-existent. On the eve of her retirement, Chief Rankin requires one last delivery to be made and she only trust one person to do it: Postman No.9
» Manga » Fantasy
Friendship Magic Mythical Science
Merlyn is the story of a boy with magical powers who lives in a village where humans, beast-men, and demi-humans live together peacefully. Outside the village however, there is great darkness in the world. Merlyn must learn to control his magic to defeat these evil forces, and bring about equality for all the races of Ular.
Vertical Long-Strip Free
Vengeance of the heavenly deamon
» Comic » Fantasy
Fighting / Martial Arts
Mu Tian Ran a young man from Mu family has been set up, his martial arts skills crippled at the hands of his own brother. Not only that, he's been rejected by his own family, who tortured him only to finally disown him and throw him out, all because he has the Bloodline of a Slave. At the lowest point of his life, a mysterious man arrives to mentor him and help him develop his own hidden talents.
» Comic » Horror
Monsters Mythical Psychological Supernatural / Occult
What happens with a demon becomes bored of Hell? What happens when torturing the damned is no longer pleasurable? He seeks to renew his interest in his work in other ways. Join Raquel as he embarks on an adventure that will leave him changed forever! Inspired by Dante's The Divine Comedy and John Milton's Paradise Lost.