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» Comic » Action
For fans of Alien and Power Rangers! On a strange world, five explorers mine for super fuels in a last-ditch effort to save a collapsing Earth, but the mission goes to hell when they are overrun by a hostile alien species. With humanity's survival hanging in the balance, the crew must eradicate the deadly horde and salvage the mission.
The Gateway
» Comic » Sci-Fi
Aliens Monsters Supernatural / Occult
Welcome to Faith’s Haven, Alabama; Home of the happiest people in the country. As a small farm town, nothing unusual happens save for the occasional passerby, but that was until a mysterious otherworldly manifestation appeared in the Owens’ barn. Things are set to make a change for the worse in this town and it will impact not just Faith’s Haven, but the world.
Free Mars
» Graphic Novel » Adventure
Aliens Leading Ladies Music & Theatre Post-apocalyptic Space / Interdimensional
Based on the smash hit web comic, Free Mars is a gritty sci-fi rock opera set against the backdrop of a dystopian Mars colony in the year 2339. As civil war looms on the Red Planet, the Revolution finds an unlikely symbol in the form of a punk band. The group quickly discovers, however, that their new fame comes at a price.
Black Beacon
» Comic » Sci-Fi
There's an intergalactic space station out there bigger than our solar system that wants everyone to come along and meet up. The beacon made it sound like a utopia, but what Niko finds upon her arrival is a lawless expanse where everyone is out for themselves and she's so late she doesn't even have a seat at the table.
Staff Pick Free
» Comic » Sci-Fi
Aliens Post-apocalyptic Superhero
Warlash, an armored warrior of the apocalyptic future, is back in this pulse-pounding issues!
Lost Dominion
» Comic » Sci-Fi
Aliens Post-apocalyptic Space / Interdimensional
In the distant future where a devastating forty year long war brought humanity to its knees, an uneasy peace between two spacefaring empires, the Skran Imperium and the Naams Protectorate, hangs in the balance. On the brink of interstellar war, a group of unlikely allies must join together to reclaim their LOST DOMINION.
Dinosaur Warrior
» Comic » Action
Aliens Fighting / Martial Arts Monsters Space / Interdimensional Superhero
Arlan, an archeology student, stumbles upon and awakens the spirit of a dinosaur and in doing so, reveals a dark secret. The Selenites- a race of moon dwelling, god-like people, destroyed the dinosaurs out of jealousy, and history is about to repeat itself with humanity. Will Arlan be able to control the mighty powers of the Yanchuanosaurus and cull the doom of humanity?
Platinum Soldier
» Comic » Adventure
Aliens Computers / Video games Fighting / Martial Arts Monsters Superhero
Platinum Soldier centers on an ancient substance called "Melam" that can give powers to those who are chosen to wield it. Our story incorporates a cohesive overarching conspiracy driven universe based in modern times. The heroes in our story wield scientifically plausible weaponry that is ba
The Gyro Universe
» Graphic Novel » Sci-Fi
Aliens Political Post-apocalyptic Space / Interdimensional
Set within a grand cosmic plot, The Gyro Universe presents a refreshing take on the invasion thriller. TGU is a science fiction story with a fantasy nature. It is the impossible & the improbable forged together to create a multi-narrative invasion. The family whose home is long gone, the reluctant soldier conflicted about his place in the universe, & the tyrannical chancellor behind it all.
Cardiac Arrest
» Comic » Sci-Fi
Aliens Military Political Post-apocalyptic Superhero
A 22nd-century Neo-Sapient (superhuman) mercenires travels back in time to kidnap a 17th century Geisha and bring to the future. Armed with the cosmic SETI snake, the Bugeisha is trained by her kidnappers to become an assassin. She's the only one able to eliminate the alien elites who has managed to oppress the people of the future.
Plan 9 From Outer Space Strikes Again!
» Comic » Sci-Fi
Aliens Fighting / Martial Arts Space / Interdimensional
Rated one of the worst films ever, find out what happens after the film. Fifty years after the alien invasion unleashed the unspeakable horror of Plan 9, a corrupt team of government scientists reactivate the zombie horde in order to lure the aliens back to Earth! Their sinister plan: steal the most hideous weapon known to intergalactic intelligence. Only conspiracy theorist, Eugene, and his...
Koni Waves
» Comic » Fantasy
Aliens Love Monsters Supernatural / Occult
Meet Koni Kanawai and friends as they take on killer Tiki monsters, surf vampires, alien jewel thieves, and armies of the undead. This collection includes all three issues of the cult mini-series and the rare full length New York Comic Con exclusive story, The Headdress of the Undead! Featuring brand new art work from series artist, Stephen Sistilli and pages from the out of print Koni Waves...