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Haunted Pixel Studio

Haunted Pixel Studio

Haunted Pixel Studio 1 month ago:

As is often the case in this line of work, you have to try and think ahead to best serve your readers and offer the best solutions you can at the time. So, in that spirit, I wanted to update everyone as to what I'm planning moving forward with Necroblivion (and likely other releases coming soon).

The response to the first few issues of Necroblivion has been amazing. I can't thank you all enough for your enthusiasm and support. However, I would like to be able to support the development of more material which means I need to start examining ways to bring in revenue. My hope is that you enjoy the work enough to join me on this journey but I understand I'm not entitled to anyone's time or money. So for any that continue to support the title, I will always be moving forward with the goal of trying to earn your support and respect while keeping you entertained.

With that in mind, here is where my roadmap for releases will currently trend.

• I will continue releasing digital issues here on GC and they will be paid releases with free previews. I will never make you pay for fluff (covers, chapter titles, ads, etc.) and I will look at ways of offering freebies and bonuses as I can. These releases will be for fans who want the latest content as soon as it's off the drawing table. I will also offer paid digital downloads of each issue as soon as GC sets up their PDF system.

• Digital releases will eventually culminate into a printed volume that will be available for purchase through the studio store. This tends to be the most popular option and I have high hopes that sales will continue to trend upward for future volumes. You'll probably see a new volume become available roughly once a year but it will be the best bang for your buck if you just want to get it all in one shot and are willing to wait.

Thank you all so much for your support. Please be sure to follow me here and on Twitter: for all of the latest news.